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In the domain of tourist and entertainment offer, we will single out the facilities that Kotor offers adults plenty of entertainment that can be found in cafe bars, discos and open evenings. Maximus Disco, with frequent musical guest appearances, but also the organization of masquerades, fashion evenings As a seaside town surrounded by high hills, Kotor offers a variety of opportunities for complete family enjoyment and endless fun. Children and adults alike will enjoy the blend of fun, sports, history and exploration. The most interesting is:

-boat ride on the Bay of Kotor, as a unique experience of exploring the medieval environment, the sea and the steep cliffs of the nearby hills, but also with many beaches and pleasant beaches.
-the city walls of the hill of St. John, built in the 9th century for the needs of the defense of the city, provide the opportunity to walk that will remind you of the scenery and scenes of the greatest films of epic fiction.
-kayaking on the bay, which makes the whole adventure more lively and unforgettable, ideal for the whole family.
-Hiking tours of Lovćen and Vrmac. The surroundings of the nearby hill Vrmac or the mountain Lovćen provide an opportunity for long walks in nature through forest or rocky paths with frequent opportunities to visit nearby villages full of local cuisine.
-open buses, which tour and explore the Bay of Kotor, are equally interesting for all ages.

Quiet and not constrained by physical distances, Kotor is also suitable for the active life of pensioners who will find their piece of peace on the city streets and squares.
- Until recently, the Home for the Elderly ‘Grabovac’ Risan was the only institution in Montenegro that deals with the care of the elderly, the exhausted, the chronically ill and the disabled. Based in Risan, it has existed since 1947 as a state institution. Until December 1, 2010, when the Public Institution Home for the Elderly Bijelo Polje was opened, it was the only state home in Montenegro, which today has 8000 m2 of usable space. The home currently accommodates 317 beneficiaries of all categories, cared for by 103 workers. Employee structure: in addition to one doctor, 37 nurses, 4 nurses, 3 physiotherapists, 1 social worker, 1 psychologist, 1 occupational therapist, 1 occupational therapist, 1 afternoon shift coordinator, 1 law graduate, 1 graduate economist, there are also technical services maintenance, kitchen, laundry, tailor, hairdresser and other support staff.

- City benches and squares, still provide a peaceful and safe environment for enjoyment, walks and casual socializing
-City market as a place of exchange, meeting and active preservation of the ancient spirit of Kotor
-Traditional manifestations, such as the Tripundan festivities, carriages of the Boka Navy gather older people.

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